Our Approach is Designed for Client Satisfaction

“Position Interactive’s design and development process was simple and smooth. They visualized a solution that surpassed our expectations. We approved the very first design! CADA receives compliments all the time about how clean and easy our website is to navigate.

They were able to create custom applications that streamlined CADA’s internal day-to-day website management needs across all departments and improved our overall efficiency. CADA has been extremely satisfied with Position Interactive’s website product and ongoing maintenance. We would highly recommend and use them again.”

Wendy Saunders, CADA Executive Director

Our Core Values

As experienced professionals, we may approach web design, web development and print design in different ways. However, everything we do is held up to the standards of our core values, nicknamed the “TEAQI Code.”

TEAQI Stands For:

  1. Transformation. We live in an era of rapid change, and all businesses are striving to adapt and keep pace with the needs of their customers. Position Interactive exists to transform your brand with creative solutions and award-winning design practices that will continue to benefit you for the long term.Working with Position Interactive is an investment in the future of your business.
  2. Empathy. We are strongly-committed to providing worldclass service: that begins with being able to anticipate your needs and the needs of your customers. We will always take the time to thoroughly understand your vision and your goals so that we may become a true partner in your success. The value of customer experience is woven through our entire process to tailor the perfect solution to you.Position Interactive is a cohesive extension of your team.
  3. Authenticity. We choose to work with exceptional organizations unique in who they are and what they stand for. Our creative process is thoughtfully designed to deliver an end result that reflects your identity and values. Our work captures the essence of what makes you great so you can share it with the world.Position Interactive highlights the qualities and values that are uniquely you.
  4. Quality. We pride ourselves as experienced designers and hold our work to a best-in-class standard. Polish and professionalism are present in everything we do, leaving you with a solid product that is grounded in established design principles. Whether online or in print, our work reflects a quality of experience at the highest level.With Position Interactive, you have leading creative professionals at your side.
  5. Imagination. As creative professionals, we’re inherently nonconformist. We believe in imagination, out-of-the-box thinking and in approaching our process with open curiosity. We are experts at seeing the big picture and rearranging the pieces to craft something truly meaningful. We challenge ourselves to find what is unique and special about every design project in order to deliver the results that make our clients say, “wow.”Together, we can create magic.